Road to Broadway

School Shows (Grades 7-12)

Learn from our performers how the got to where they are!


Grades 7-12

The “Road to Broadway” is full of high energy, witty, and engaging dancing, singing, and acting with a middle-high school audience in mind. It brings the individual stories of our company members to your school, highlighting the paths that they have taken to achieve their dreams of performing at the highest levels.

This 45-60 minute show uses highly energetic song and dance numbers to introduce the arts in an engaging way. Many students have never had the opportunity to see performance of this caliber! Along the way, the true stories of all of our performers are inter weaved to give the students an idea of the trials and tribulations that everyone must go through to achieve their dreams. The show touches on stories of loss, adversity, hope, bullying, passion and perseverance, that will resonate with each of the students in a different way. These lessons will be carried by your students as lessons far in to the future.

Intended Audience:

This show is perfect for the middle to high school audience (grades 7-12). The topics are very age appropriate and apropos to the students daily and future lives. As well, the musical numbers are specifically geared to be appreciated by a student body of this age

In addition, those schools with a strong music and drama program will appreciate the difficulty of many of the selections. As well, they will understand and identify even more with the actors tales, as many have gone through the same thoughts and faced the same dilemmas. Seeing the eventual outcome of dealing successfully with many of those challenges is one of the many important takeaways from the show.


In order to keep our audiences attention, we generally split the school into 2-3 assemblies, depending on student body size. That way we can tailor the performance and interactions for differing age groups.

For more information and booking details:

1) Fill out the contact form and let us know what you are interested in. One of our team will contact you as soon as humanly possible (usually that day)

2) Call our office at (703)-731-6929

3) Email for more information


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