Broadway Bound

School Shows (Grades K-6)

Learn all the parts of what goes into making a great Broadway show!

“BROADWAY BOUND” 1 hr program

Grades K-6

Come follow along with our host and amazing dancer/singers as they bring the audience into the world of Broadway, and show us all the things it takes to put on a big Broadway musical! Get up on stage with our performers as they teach us how to tap dance! Learn the different types of dance, and all the different people it takes!

This 45-60 minute highly interactive and engaging show brings the audience into the world of Broadway while learning a wide spectrum of how-to’s on viewing, performing, and creating shows through collaboration. Our host along with the dancers take the audience on a journey to the world of “Broadway” bringing an opportunity to the students that many never get!

Intended Audience:

This show is perfect for Elementary ages. It touches on the basics of the acting, singing, and dancing in today’s Broadway shows. It highlights the collaborative process required to put a show together.

It also spends a lot of time engaging the students attention by high energy dance numbers, as well as many instances of on-stage and seated audience participation. Kids have a great time when asked to come onstage, but all the interaction onstage is taught to the students in their seats as well.That way they can also participate and learn.


In order to keep our audiences attention, we generally split the school into 2-3 assemblies, depending on student body size. That way we can tailor the performance and interactions for differing age groups.

Broadway Bound is always a great success and one of our top shows because it gets everyone involved no matter the level of their experience.

For more information and booking details:

1) Fill out the contact form and let us know what you are interested in. One of our team will contact you as soon as humanly possible (usually that day)

2) Call our office at (703)-731-6929

3) Email for more information


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