NYC talent brought to your doorstep — the “how” and “why”!


About Us

The LMproject was founded in 2005 at the invitation of the International Children’s Festival, to perform at the Wolftrap performance theater in Virginia. After gaining overwhelmingly positive support and feedback from those performances, founder Alisa Claire decided to expand the scope of the group. Convincing her NY friends to join her, she set out to create a program of arts education for the surrounding communities, that included performances and masterclasses dedicated to fostering the love of the arts that is very much at risk in many communities. All of the shows and masterclasses are geared towards introducing students of every age to the creative and collaborative process through the fundamentals of theater and dance.

All of the artists in LMproject– whether performer, creative, or both — currently live in NYC. All of them are performers with experience at the highest levels of performance in New York. Our artists have performed on Broadway, with NYC based dance companies, or teach at the highest level studios, or choreograph and perform across the country at major regional theaters. And they all call NYC their home! These performers and artistic staff are in the business, know the business, and teach the business at all levels.

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